Student Innovators

These young innovators have invented a Digital scarecrow to help farmers

The digital scarecrow detects and chases the birds flying in the vicinity of the device.

This team of young innovators from DR N SHANKARA ADYANTHAYA  MEMORIAL ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHOOL,  NITTE, Karnataka are one of the winners of the Atal Tinkering labs (ATL) Marathon 2020.

Here is their Innovation summary

Digital Scarecrow for Smart Farming
The project aims at making a digital scarecrow which detects and chases the birds flying in the vicinity of the device. When the sensor detects any
obstacle, a buzzer will beep and scare the birds. A bulb located in the house
of the farmer will indicate the presence of the birds. The Servo motor is used and it rotates round the scarecrow to 360 degree, to detect birds around the field.

If Ultrasonic sensor detects any birds flying around the field, information will be transferred to Arduino board. Arduino processes this information. The LED will start glowing and buzzer will beep. The LED turns off automatically once the bird moves away from Ultrasonic sensor range. This process repeats if the bird does not fly away or appears again. Ultrasonic sensor range is about 15 cm

Name of the Team members:

Nishan N Salian
Rohan D’sa
Srivathsa V
Team name: Young innovators

Impact/ How it will help Society

– It will help farmers by saving their crops from birds
– Instead of electrical fence we can use this digital scarecrow
– Electrical fence will hurt animals and birds. Our model doesn’t harm
– The farmers can understand the model easily because its operation is
– It is cost effective and affordable.
– It can be used for larger areas.

Details of the School

The school is named after Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya, a philanthropic
medical practitioner who contributed immensely to the upliftment of Nitte
village. It is located at Jnana Meenakshi Campus, Kemmannu Road, Nitte.

The school has a full-fledged ATL Lab and it is also the Sister ATL School appointed by AIM,NITI AYOG for guiding the schools of the locality. What makes our school special is the Nitte – Hutchie Classroom Connect with the Hutchesons School at Glasgow, Scotland since Teams of 2 participants, work on the project given by Hutchies of Scotland and the team that wins gets a sponsored weeklong visit to Scotland along with one teacher every year.

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