Student Innovators

This school team is developing an ‘personalised homework’ software

Their software will automatically analyse the data and will provide homework to the students according to their learning levels.

This team of young innovators from Golaya Progressive Public School, Palwal, Haryana are one of the winners of the Atal Tinkering labs (ATL) Marathon 2020.


Name of Team Members:

Harshit Tanwar, Harshita Tanwar, Sagar Tanwar, Priyanka Gaur (Mentor)

Innovation Summary:

So for increasing the interaction and interests of students in the class, we have developed a design of a (really) interactive study table. We have included some of the advanced features which will solve some of the very simple and common problems faced by students in schools For that, we have included a simple interactive screen which will be most probably a simple OLED screen as they use only organic materials to show display and they also consume much less energy due to which it will be very energy-friendly.

Also, we have included a buzzer button to enhance student participation and a mini DC motor desk-fan which will be able to run on very low voltage. Hence, it would be really power-efficient. Actually, all the desk-fans in the class together will consume energy equivalent to the energy consumed by a single ceiling-fan in the class and will even provide a better service to students. For cooling efficiency, we have included wide wings in the desk-fan so as to provide high flow of air in low rpm. The design part is complete here.

Now, we may proceed to the software part. For the software of this system, we have planned to have school personalised AI software which will automatically manage all the student records and will prepare their report cards automatically. This will help in reducing the work load of teachers.

To program all these features, we will use self-learning algorithms and teachers will upload all the lesson plans in that AI software module and it will automatically analyse the data and will provide homework to the students according to their learning levels. By this we mean to say is that all students are not equal. So, we cannot give same homework to students with different learning levels. This software will give them home work accordingly.

For example – It will give less homework to weak students and simultaneously, will give assignments to those who are strong in the subject. In this way, it would not increase study pressure on weaker students; thus, covering each student. This AI software won’t only be on school servers but also on cloud so that absent students can also take benefit from this software. It will upload the students’ details on cloud automatically even if he/she is absent.

School details:

​Golaya Progressive Public School, Palwal (Haryana) is an English medium co-educational 10+2 day school. It is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi under Affiliation no. 530211. The school came into being in the year 1993 and since then it has been instrumental in creating goal oriented and emotionally secure human beings.

We are among the few schools to receive the grant-in-aid to open ATL.

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Disclaimer: The information on the project and its impact have been provided by the school authorities.