Student Innovators

This team is working on power generation through piezoelectric sensors

The project is designed to be useful at public places like railway stations and bus stands.

  • Team Name – Volhardend

Names of team members :

Anushka Sharma  and Aditi Sharda

Details of school :  The participants are the students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya , Pekhubela Una (H.P.) . JNVs are the schools operating under central government. The aim behind their establishment is to provide quality education to the children in rural and semi-rural areas free of cost.


Footstep Power Generation 

New technologies are being developed day by day. So here we are with a useful project that can help our country to make the best use of it’s large number of population , and the project is “Footstep Power Generation”. This system generates voltage using footstep force. There are certain materials in the environment like – quartz , topaz etc. which have the tendency to generate electric impulse whenever pressure is applied on them. This materials are used to make piezoelectric plates.  

For this purpose we use piezoelectric sensors that work on piezoelectric effect in order to measure acceleration , force and pressure by its conversion into electric signals . We  here attach a voltmeter in order to measure its output and led lights for demonstration. When mounted in series the piezoelectric sensors will produce a sizeable amount of electricity, that can be even stored and used when required.


The project is designed to be useful at public places like railway stations , bus stands etc. where a lot of people keep walking through all day. At such places these systems are to be placed at different points where people travel through entrance and exits and they have to step on this device to get through. This device may then generate a voltage on every footstep.

  • It is a renewable source of energy.
  • No smoke or ash or any toxic chemical is produced.
  • Reduce environmental pollution.
  • Utilizes human waste walking energy into electrical energy.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance cost.

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Disclaimer: The information on the project and its impact have been provided by the school authorities.