Student Innovators

These young innovators are working on a biometric health card system

Under this idea biometric health card will be issued via an ID as authorised by the government.

This team of young innovators from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya , Pekhubela Una, Himachal Pradesh, are one of the winners of the Atal Tinkering labs (ATL) Marathon 2020.

Team name: HATS: Health and tech syndicate

Team members: Anuradha, Anshita and Tamanna

Details of school : The participants are the students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya , Pekhubela Una (H.P.) . JNVs are the schools operating under central government.

Innovation summary
Under this idea biometric health card will be issued via an ID as authorised by the government.

When a patient having health card comes to hospital . The card is scanned and the biometric is verified. The receptionist chooses the doctor for him. When the fingerprint is verified , a list of patient’s health history will be displayed on the screen and thus on the basis of patient’s history , patient is sent to doctor. The doctor can see previous medical history and can help the patient in the best way.

Its impact:

It provides an integrated health care system.
Can help government for development of schemes in a better way .
Can help researchers to make new researches on the basis of growing diseases and demands.
Patients can get better diagnosis and treatment on the basis of his previous health history.

Better health care system:
We are here to incorporate and innovative idea to improve the health care system of any institution by connecting people, hospitals and government and facilitating them with an easy and improved health care.

Easy to understand:
We are developing a model to well integrate healthcare system by providing biometric healthcare cards. The concept is that every person joined with the scheme would have a 12 digit numeric unique ID associated with him. The medical history of a person would be saved and attached with that ID secured by a biometric system. This data would be saved every time the person has a medical check-up in a hospital. Thus all the data would be gathered and used with a lot of benefits.

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