Dhruva Space wins national startup award in Space category

Dhruva Space builds small satellite constellations for Earth observation.

Dhruva Space won the national startup awards 2020 in the Space category under the theme of Space Tech Solutions. There were 15 contestants for the award in the Space category.

Dhruva Space Private Limited

Dhruva Space builds small satellite constellations for Earth observation and other scientific applications. Instead of hiring multiple entities for designing and building a satellite, launch liaising and for ground stations to communicate with the satellite, Dhruva Space’s constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites reduces the cost and time taken to set up the necessary infrastructure. They provide end-to-end solutions for anyone looking to launch a satellite into space

Product summary

Dhruva space designs the mission (satellites, orbit, constellation) based on the customer’s requirements, builds the satellites, finds the right launch provider for the budget, obtains required orbital timelines, and provides ground station support, either using their in-house infrastructure or setting it up as required. They’re also developing satellites with de-orbiting functionality.


  • Their space stack could enable the 108 countries with no space assets to have satellites in orbit.
  • Plan on setting up an Assembly Integration and Testing (AIT) facility for manufacturing of satellites in India.

Support and recognition

Invited by European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre, Austria, for incubation along with a grant.


Source: Startup India

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