Digital India awards 2020; Nominations begins Oct 22

This year the entire process for DIA 2020 is being done completely online!

The Government of India has consistently been deploying innovative digital solutions to enhance the quality and reach of government services to citizens. With each passing year, Digital-Governance initiatives are demonstrating the power of ICT in improving the ease of living for all citizens. It is again time to commend these Digital initiatives.

This year the entire process for DIA 2020 right from submitting nominations to screening of the entries to final conferring of the awards is being done completely online!

Following are the themes of the awards.


To felicitate a Government Entity which has developed outstanding and innovative digital solution to facilitate the citizens to undertake various activities with ease during the time of pandemic in areas like communication, health, education, travel etc. or to ensure continuity of government services.


To felicitate a Ministry or Department of the Government of India which has a comprehensive digital presence and displays a high level of Intra/Inter Department Integration in its digital initiatives. Integration with electronic authentication and digital payments are also assessed.


The Award acknowledges the State/UT of India that displays exemplary initiative in establishing comprehensive digital presence in sectors like health, labour, finance, social justice and environment leading to the accomplishment of sustainable development goals.


To reward the accomplishments of the District administration which has displayed exemplary focus on providing comprehensive information to the citizens in the regional language. Entries must display the spectrum of coverage highlighting the important facets of the district in terms of tourism, art, culture, handicraft and access to utilities.


Open Data Champion Award is to acknowledge the Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations/ States for proactive, timely and regular release of datasets/resources through Web Services/APIs on the Open Government Data (OGD) Platform ( in compliance with the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP).


The award honours those products that have made their mark in the field of Digital Governance. The product must have shown high degree of replicability, scalability and must be successfully implemented by government departments / entities. Aspect of Digital security will be a primary criterion of evaluation.



  1. Nominating authority shall be Secretary or Head of the organisation.
  2. Team Composition
    a. Initiative Lead has to be from the implementing Central/State Government
    Ministry / Department, District Administration, or other government entity.
    b. Team Size is Limited to 5 members including Initiative Lead.
    c. The contact details of the Initiative Lead in the nominating form are
  3. Intranet applications will not be considered.
  4. Initiatives undertaken by PSUs, NGOs and Cooperatives will not be considered.
  5. If the application requires login then the test account has to be created and details
    sent to the DIA team. In the absence of a test account the nomination will not be
  6. No change in the names of team members will be entertained at any point of time
    except, in case there is a change in team constitution due to transfer /
    superannuation of any team member during the course of the Awards. In such a
    case , a citation would be given both to the current member and the predecessor.
  7. Nominations having incorrect/non working urls will be rejected.
  8. Change in category will not be considered after submission.
  9. Single application / initiative may be nominated in multiple categories.
  10. Incomplete forms will be rejected (please fill all mandatory fields).
    1 National Informatics Centre (NIC)
    Digital India Awards 2020
  11. Requests to extend the nomination date will not be entertained in any case.
  12. Facebook pages may not be nominated in any category.
  13. Documents sent via email will not be entertained as a part of the nomination form.
  14. DIA 2018 entries which had won in any category may apply for the awards in other
  15. Initiatives nominated under Innovation in Pandemic must have been developed
    in the year 2020


Shri Ajay Sawhney (Chairperson) Secretary, MeitY
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Additional Secretary, MeitY
Dr. Neeta Verma Director General, NIC
Shri Arvind Kumar Director General, STQC
Dr. Jaideep Kumar Mishra Joint Secretary (e-Gov), MeitY
Shri Abhishek Singh President & CEO, National e-Governance Division (NeGD), MeitY
Ms. Rama Vedashree CEO, Data Security Council of India
Prof. M.P. Gupta Dept of Management Studies, IIT Delhi
Prof. Anjali Kaushik Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
Ms. Alka Mishra (Member Convener) Scientist-G & DDG, NIC


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