Staqu Tech wins national startup awards in Security category

Staqu is helping police forces across eight Indian states digitize records.

Staqu Technologies has won the national startup awards 2020 in the category of Security, and it won on the theme of Citizen security solutions.

There were 44 contestants overall in the category of Security, and around 26 contestants in the Citizen Security services.

Staqu Technologies Private Limited

Staqu adopted a technologically unconventional approach to process real world crime and criminal data. By decoupling them from constituent elements like text, speech and images and then further performing selective amalgamation of these data points to feed in to advanced hybrid deep neural networks models, they can extract information which was never possible before.

They have advanced speaker identification (recognizing anyone just with the 3-5 second voice sample) with 90 percent accuracy which is 10 percent better than previously reported of 80 percent accuracy in Interspeech conference 2017.

Product summary

With PAIS, Staqu is helping police forces across eight Indian states digitize and archive every criminal record into a central criminal database. JARVIS meanwhile is a video analytics technology which performs facial recognition, violence recognition, crowd analysis etc.


  • Speaker identification technology (SIAN) can identify speakers with 94.3% accuracy, regardless of language and words spoken.
  • Only a 3-5 second voice sample is required.

Support and recognition

Established Criminal Records Management and Search technology with Facial Recognition [PAIS] and data collection [PINE] for Punjab Police.


Following are the other contestants in the Citizen Security Solutions:

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Source: Startup India

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