Skyroot aerospace wins national startup award in Space category

Their Vikram launch vehicle is expected to be one of the most cost-effective in the world.

Skyroot Aerospace won the national startup award 2020 in the Space category. They won it in the theme of Space Tech Solutions with around 15 contestants.

Skyroot Aerospace Private Limited

Skyroot believes a new Space Age is kicking off, and snagging the extraordinary opportunities in space depends on robust transportation systems from Earth to orbit. Their Vikram launch vehicle, when operational, is expected to be one of the most cost-effective small satellite launch vehicles in the world, positioning India for interstellar dominance.

Product summary

It’s a series of launch vehicles covering a wide range (300 to 700 kgs) of payload carrying capacities to low-Earth orbit. Not only are they affordable and easily mass-produced, but the upper stage of the rocket is capable of moving itself out of orbit on mission completion, thereby leaving no space debris.


  • Upper stage liquid engines are fully 3D printed, cutting costs by 40 percent.
  • Skyroot is also developing a futuristic, highly efficient LNG/LOX Cryogenic liquid engine that uses greener, more sustainable rocket fuel.


Source: Startup India

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