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Intello Labs wins national startup award in agriculture category

Intello Labs won the award in the theme of post harvest, in the overall category of Agriculture.

New Delhi: Intello Labs has won the National Startup awards 2020 in the overall category of Agriculture and in the theme of post harvest.

There were around 157 contestants in the overall theme of agriculture and 32 contestants in the theme of post-harvest.

Intello Labs Private Limited

Intello Labs has digitized food quality assessments across fresh produce supply chains, in order to ensure that a food item’s price means its quality is on par. The digitization has made the system more cost-effective, it’s standardized and accurate, and is faster and scalable.

Product summary

The Intello Track smartphone app lets users click a picture of the commodity they’re buying and see its freshness details stored online. This setup uses deep learning and computer vision , the only requirement is a smart phone with a 10 MP or more camera. Intello Deep meanwhile is a handheld scanner that checks factors like dry matter, moisture, and pesticide residue.


It allows people to stay healthier by buying fresh food and can also help stores pinpoint and cycle out old stock.

Support and recognition

Intello Labs won the Innovative AI Startup Award by Nasscom & Mphasis in 2019. They’re also the agriculture sector winner in the “AI for Good” program by NASSCOM and the Government of Karnataka.


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