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Organic Mandya wins national startup award in Agriculture

It received the award under the theme of Farmer Engagement and Education.

Mandya Organic Foods Private Limited has won the national startup awards in the Agriculture category under the theme of Farmer Engagement and Education.

A total of 20 contestants participated in the Farmer Engagement sub category, while under the overall category of Agriculture, there were 157 contestants.

Organic Mandya was started with the objective of helping farmers create a self-sufficient lifestyle by adopting chemical-free farming. However, the market at the time proved insufficient for the farmers that took up the initiative, so Organic Mandya’s sales platform was put into place. After the first organic farmers supermarket in Mandya, the brand today owns and operates about seven of them across Mandya and Bangalore.

Product summary

Farmers’ produce is bought at a premium rate by Organic Mandya, processed, and then packaged in a premium manner to be sold across Mandya’s Supermarkets. Not only does it provide financial gain to poor farmers, but also helps urban dwellers repair their lost ties with the farmers that grow their food.


  • Mandya has created 320 organic farmer self-help groups in about 300 villages, as well as 270 women’s kitchen garden groups, 60 youth kabaddi groups, and a cooperative society with about 550 members.
  • In total, 12,000 farmer families are under Organic Mandya’s umbrella.

Support and recognition

Received the Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Foundation award in 2017.



Source: Startup India

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