Fabheads Automation wins national startup award for 3D printing

Fabheads has designed and manufactured a new series of 3D Printers named FibrBots.

Fabheads Automation won the national startup award 2020 in the category of Industry 4.0, and in the theme of 3D printing.

There were around 180 contestants in the category of Industry 4.0 and 12 contestants in the field of 3D printing.

Fabheads Automation Private Limited

Fabheads has designed and manufactured a new series of 3D Printers named FibrBots, which uses carbon fiber as a printing material instead of plastic or metal. Asia’s first and only company with this capability, the carbon fiber raw material allows them to print parts that are as strong as steel but as light as plastic.

Product summary

The 3D printing filament is produced in-house using their (patent pending) process, for three models of printers. The startup envisions completely automating the manufacturing sector, not to mention sparking more innovations in other fabrication areas.


  • Machines targeting small-part fabrication are assembled and delivered to clients in a maximum 2 weeks. These include OEMs, MSMEs, academic organisations etc.
  • Machines targeting large-part fabrication will instead be licensed to manufacturers while Fabheads provides machinery, training, and maintenance support. This model is specifically to scale up in sectors like Aerospace, Aviation and Defense.

Support & recognition

Fabheads won ₹ 6 lakh under the startup category at the DRDO Dare To Dream Awards. They were also incubated at the IIT-Madras Incubation Cell, receiving a grant of ₹ 10 lakh.


Source: Startup India

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