NIRAMAI wins national startup award under Health category

NIRAMAI Health won the National Startup award under the theme of diagnostics.

New Delhi: NIRAMAI Health won the National Startup award 2020 in the health category. It won the award in the theme of diagnostics.

Around 28 contestants vied for the award in the diagnostics theme

NIRAMAI Health Analytix Private Limited

NIRAMAI has developed an accurate, affordable solution for detecting early stage breast cancer using artificial intelligence. The AI scans thermal imagery using a fusion of thermography and machine learning. Moreover, it works for all women above 18 years of age, whereas current screening methods do not work on women under 45. It is also portable, radiation-free and privacy-conscious

Product summary

The NIRAMAI test can be conducted by health workers or nursing staff, helping to make it a solution 10 times less expensive than current mammography methods. It’s portability and price also makes it much more accessible in rural areas.


  • Niramai has screened over 32,000 women in 12 states, many of them from underprivileged sections who were offered free screenings.
  • The startup also has a 70 percent female workforce, many of them girls who are the only breadwinners in their families.

Support and recognition

  • Selected in the Karnataka State Elevate100 program.
  • Winner of BIRAC WInER Program.


Source: Startup India

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