Innaumation wins national startup awards 2020 in Health category

Aum Voice a device that helps throat cancer patients who have lost their voice.

Innaumation won the national startup awards 2020 in the Healthcare category. It won the award for its Aum Voice device. The award was given for the theme of Medical Devices.

There were around 241 contestants for the award in the whole of the healthcare category while for the Medical Devices theme there were about 74 contestants.


Innaumation Medical Devices Private Limited

Innaumation have built the Aum Voice Prosthesis, a device that enables throat cancer patients who have lost their voice box to speak again. The product is affordable and takes only five minutes to insert, without the need for an operation theater. It’s one size fits all and can be customized for patients as well.

Product summary

The device is covered under Laryngectomy procedures (surgical removal of the voice box), meaning a patient can avail of the benefits under the Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. Innaumation has also developed a model for training surgeons to insert the device, and is setting up AI-enabled training as well.


Innaumation aims to reach 140 countries with their device, making speech affordable and accessible for all.

Support & recognition

  • Received BIRAC BIG Grant of ₹ 50,00,000.
  • Received Karnataka Elevate Grant of ₹ 30,00,000.

Source: Startup India

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