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Esyasoft wins national startup award in Energy category

Esyasoft provides Smart Grid IoT solutions and advanced analytics for public utilities.

Esyasoft Technologies won the national startup awards 2020 under the Energy category. It won the award in the Energy Efficiency theme.

There were around 115 contestants in the Energy category and around 41 contestants in the Energy Efficiency theme.

Esyasoft Technologies Private Limited


Esyasoft Technologies provides Smart Grid IoT solutions and advanced analytics for public utilities like energy, water and gas. Backed by an end-to-end Integrated Smart Grid platform, it transforms these legacy utilities, improving the energy efficiency of the transmission and distribution systems. Consumers are also provided with a mobile app offering transparency into their energy consumption in real-time.

Product summary

Esyasoft offers a meter data management system (MDM), energy efficiency consumption monitoring system, renewable energy integration, usage and theft analytics, forecasts, and more. All of this by being the first to introduce machine learning and deep learning analytics into a smart grid platform.


  • They are currently catering to 1 million consumers in India alone.
  • Deployed in India’s largest successful smart metering project in Indore, increasing billing efficiency by 22%.
  • In the CESU project, the utility realized a 34% improvement in collection efficiency, around USD 14 Million in a single year.


Source: Startup India

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