Aloe E-Cell wins national startup award in Energy category

They won it in the Clean Energy theme which had 66 contestants.

Aloe E-Cell won the 2020 national startup award in the Energy category. They won it in the Clean Energy theme.

There were around 115 contestants totally in the energy category and around 66 of them in the clean energy theme. Apart from Aloe E-Cell, there were six other finalists in the clean energy theme.

The other themes for which awards were given were, Energy efficiency and Energy storage.

Aloe E-Cell Private Limited

Aloe E-Cell has created the world’s first 100% eco-friendly and non-hazardous 1.5V AA size batteries, using aloe vera as a replacement in the dry cell batteries of clocks, flashlights, toys, etc. It’s built at a 10% cheaper cost and with 1.5 times more durability. Aloe E-Cell also provides farmers with an alternate stable income source.

Product summary

Aloe E-Cell have created 1.5V AA size batteries with their unique selling proposition focussed on eco-friendliness and biodegradability. This product is easily scalable as the cost of customer acquisition is quite low and can easily penetrate into the total addressable market by launching a series of products.


  • Aims for a 71.6% reduction in environmental pollution caused by the usage of batteries.
  • Could mean a 97% reduction in disease statistics caused by the usage of dry cell batteries.
  • Will save the Indian economy USD 109 billion every year on dry cell raw materials.


  • Source: Startup India

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