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National e-Vidhan Application to digitise legislative process

Till now 21 States Legislatures have signed MoU for implementation of the NeVA.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal said that NeVA is a project of empowerment for our public representatives and it can empower the legislators with information and knowledge not only about their respective legislature but the developments in other legislatures; he said that this cross-flow of information through NeVA will lead to knowledge sharing and adoption of best practices across states.

National E-Vidhan Application NeVA is part of the country’s march on the path of digitalization, which aims to make the functioning of all State legislatures paper less by transforming them into Digital House. Till now 21 States Legislatures have signed MoU for implementation of the NeVA and the project has been sanctioned for 17 legislatures and funds have been released to them for implementation of the project.

Among them 9 Legislatures have already become fully digital and are live on NeVA platform. They are conducting all their business end to end in Digital and Paper less manner. NeVA will not only save huge amount of money spent on documentation on papers, but will help save large number of trees to protect our Environment.

NeVA is a device neutral and member centric application created to equip them to handle diverse House Business smartly by putting entire information regarding member contact details, rules of procedure, list of business, notices, bulletins, bills, starred/unstarred questions and answers, papers laid, committee reports etc. in their hand held devices/ tablets and equip all Legislatures/ Departments to handle it efficiently. NeVA will completely eliminate the process of sending out a notice/request for collection of data.

The application hosts a secure page for each Member of the House for submitting questions & other notices. The aim of the project is to bring all the legislatures of the country together, in one platform thereby creating a massive data depository without having the complexity of multiple applications.

Gudey Srinivas, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, informed that NeVA is a Member-centric, decentralized digital application that makes information available on digital platform for day-to-day functioning of Legislative Houses covering entire gamut of Legislative processes. The Secretary requested all the State Governments to adopt NeVA on priority basis.

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