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Climate tech startup Aeroseal works on energy efficiency in buildings

Aeroseal’s technology is a game-changer in the battle against carbon emissions.

Aeroseal, a climate-tech startup offering a groundbreaking solution to combat carbon emissions, is poised to receive a substantial boost in funding. The company has successfully secured a $67 million Series B funding round, with Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Climate Investment leading the investment efforts.

The technology developed by Aeroseal addresses the challenge of reducing energy leaks in buildings, achieving near-zero energy wastage in some structures. This breakthrough is particularly significant for the challenging sector of building decarbonization. Carmichael Roberts from Breakthrough Energy Ventures highlights that the technology’s immediate impact on emissions is making a difference. By significantly reducing HVAC demand and curbing wasted energy from traditional heating and cooling systems, Aeroseal’s solution paves the way for easier electrification of both existing and new buildings.

Having garnered support from prominent U.S. home builders and a network of specialized HVAC dealers in the U.S. and Canada, Aeroseal has already sealed 260,000 buildings, encompassing both residential and commercial structures. With the infusion of new funding, the company aims to scale up its efforts exponentially and seal an equivalent number of buildings annually within three years.

Aeroseal’s technology is a game-changer in the battle against carbon emissions because buildings account for about 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, as reported by the World Green Building Council. A significant portion of energy used for heating and cooling is squandered due to air leaks in the duct systems of buildings.

The innovation lies in Aeroseal’s method, where sticky polymers are introduced into a building’s air ducts, creating seals that are difficult to achieve through traditional manual sealing techniques. Studies have demonstrated that homeowners can save substantial amounts on energy bills in a short period after their homes undergo an Aeroseal treatment.

Amit Gupta, the CEO of Aeroseal, envisions a bright future for the company as global demand increases for energy-efficient spaces that promote better health. Stricter regulations and incentives tied to adopting newer codes further reinforce their positive trajectory. According to Gupta, this is just the beginning of Aeroseal’s impactful journey.

Marc Van Den Berg from Climate Investment praises Aeroseal’s approach to energy consumption reduction in buildings through its focus on addressing air leakage. The company’s products have proven to reduce energy consumption by an average of 30%, making a significant impact on both the environment and building operations. As a result, Aeroseal has become a valued member of Climate Investment’s esteemed portfolio of innovative solutions.

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