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Karnataka plans anti-sleep devices on long distance buses

Such devices are already available for cars and other high end vehicles.

Bengaluru: Karnataka  disclosed that it was mulling over installing high-tech security equipment, in a phased manner, in all its state-run buses to reduce the number of road accidents.

Speaking to reporters after chairing the high-level meeting of the state run transport corporations officers here, Deputy Chief Minister Lakshman Svadi, who holds charge of the Transport department said that the device equipped with special sensors will initially warn the driver with a beep sound and red light in the event of him getting sleepy during driving and later slow down the vehicle and put emergency brakes to stop it altogether.

He added that these devices already come equipped in cars and other high end vehicles that are available in the market.

“State run transport corporations are incurring additional expenditure of whopping Rs 100 crore due to accidents on various routes. As we know, most of these accidents take place due to drivers dozing off,” he said.

According to him, this was not just a problem existing in Karnataka but it is a worldwide phenomenon. “That is why several tech companies have come up with special sensor-based devices to alert the drivers who doze off. By deploying such devices, the State-run corporations not only save a lot of additional expenses but also make travelling safer for both staff and passengers,” the Dy. CM explained.

Karnataka operates its inter-state buses through Karnataka State Road Transport Corporations, North-East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation and North-West Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation while Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation operates local buses in the Bengaluru Metropolitan area.


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