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Genrobotic wins national startup 2020 award for Bandicoot

Bandicoot is the first manhole cleaning robot to eliminate need for human workers.

Genrobotic Innovations Private Limited

Genrobotics offers human-controlled robots as an alternative to manual scavenging. The Bandicoot is the first manhole cleaning robot to eliminate the need for human workers cleaning out sewers. This makes India the first country in the world to use robots in the sanitation sector. Internal operations can be monitored on a display unit with the help of a machine vision camera system, while even a sparsely trained operator can pilot the robot remotely.

Product summary

Bandicoot is designed to lift heavy steel manhole covers, descend into the pit, and unclog sewers. It also identifies blockages in standard sewer systems and, besides the normal cleaning process, can handle high-pressure water hoses to flush out clogs. The robot has been successfully deployed in various states of India including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana and Maharashtra.


  • The Bandicoot has a lightweight carbon fiber arm, pneumatic feedback system, and IP68 water and dust resistance.
  • It removes the human interaction currently required inside sewers, making it a safer and more humane job.

Support and recognition

The Bandicoot robot has been successfully deployed in six states, including Kerala and Maharashtra. Genrobotics has also received the AMRUT Award by the national Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and the “Ananda Vikatan Nambikkai Award” from the Government of Tamil Nadu.


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