Climate Asia to be one-stop platform on climate change

Led by the industry, it is being touted as a one stop, go-to platform for everything climate.

New Delhi: In a crucial decade for climate action, multi-sectoral collaborative effort ‘Climate Asia’, a social enterprise dedicated to strengthening the climate ecosystem in the continent, will be launched on Thursday.

Led by the industry, it is being touted as a one stop, go-to platform for everything climate in the continent.

Halfway between the COP26 & COP27, the annual climate change conference, Climate Asia seeks to strengthen the climate ecosystem through the capacity building of climate organisations focusing on human resources, organisational development, and thought leadership.

In light of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and the upcoming COP 27, organisers are alive to the fact that Climate change is going to fundamentally alter the nature of most industries. There is a pressing need to take adaptive and mitigative measures.

“We’re in a decisive decade to act against climate change and we need bold actions to accelerate the pace of interventions leading towards social and economic impact. Organisations willing to face climate challenges head-on can not only help save the planet but will also have an advantage in the battle for talent long-term. Climate Asia will play a significant role in bridging the talent gap to build a robust climate ecosystem,” said Satyam Vyas (Founder & CEO), Climate Asia.

The ‘Climate Asia’ conference to be held on April 21 and 22 wil be addressed by Shloka Nath of India Climate Collaborative, Vikas Mehta of SED Fund, Kabir Sanjay Bavikatte of Growald Climate Fund, Roopa Satish of Induslnd Bank, Raakhee Kulkarni of GEF Capital Partners, Vaibhav Chaturvedi of Council on Energy, Environment, and Water, and Svati Bhogle of Clean Energy Access Network-CLEAN among others.

The Climate Asia conference would endeavor to create conversations around three main pillars: “Share, Empower and Connect”, by increasing awareness, upskilling the ecosystem, and catalysing networking among players within and outside the industry.

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