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Govt, ISRO join hands for using space for development

Expert working groups have been formed in ISRO for proactive interaction with the Govt.

New Delhi: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), since its inception, has been driven by the objective of harnessing the benefits of space technology for national development and improving the lives of the people.

The satellite enabled data and services are being used to improve the living standards of people. These include Television broadcasting, Direct-to-Home, ATM, Mobile communication, Tele-education, Tele-medicine and advisories on weather, pest infestation, agro-meteorology and potential fishing zones.

Satellite data is also used for crop production estimation, crop intensification, agricultural drought assessment, wasteland inventory, identifying ground water prospect zones, inland aquaculture suitability and disaster risk reduction, which indirectly benefits the people

In order to promote use of space technology for governance and public administration, Department of Space had formed expert working groups in ISRO for proactive interaction with the Government departments and prepared the joint action plan on “Effective use of Space Technology in Governance & Development”.

These action plans were deliberated in One Day National Meet held in New Delhi in September 2015, with the participation of all the Central Government Ministries/Departments. 127 projects emerged out of this Meet, are being executed in the areas of Natural Resources Management, Planning, Monitoring & Decision Making and Disaster Risk Reduction.

Further, to promote utilisation of space technology in State Government Departments, State level workshops have also been conducted in 17 states. Other measures include  institutionalisation of space applications in many Ministries/Departments and  conduct of training sessions on space technology based applications.

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