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Using Blockchain to solve issues of migrant labour

Massive interstate migration of labourers needs Tech solutions to mitigate the challenge.

Kochi: Responding to the challenges faced by migrant labourers, young innovators came up with brilliant solutions at Blockathon for Change, the first-of-its-kind hackathon hosted by Maker Village here.

Migrant labourers are often a disadvantaged and vulnerable group because of social, economic and cultural issues associated with migration. In India, massive interstate migration of labourers warrants immediate attention both at the ground level and policy level. The hackathon was designed to beneficially employ the Blockchain technology for offering comprehensive solutions to mitigate problems related to migrant labour.

The hackathon took on the following challenges.

Challenges related to Workplace and Labour relations
Challenges related to Social entitlements and Statutory compliances
Challenges related to Social identity and Cultural assimilation
Challenges related to Displacement and Familial issues

The criteria for evaluation included:

Relevance of Blockchain technology for solving the problem.
Quality and novelty of the suggested technical solution.
Efficiency of the smart contract for embedding your idea into the project.
Social impact of the suggested solution

Among the winners were:

Skill Chain:  An app that connects migrant labourers and job providers. The profile of the workers will be provided online utilising blockchain technology and the job provider can access it using the app. Each task completed by the worker will be added to his profile with ratings.

 Pravasi: A platform that uses blockchain technology to track the movement of migrant labourers.

Smart Contract system:  An platform where the identity and payment system for migrant labourers can be digitalised.



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