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Govt simplifies norms for e-rickshaw usage

Rickshaws are pulled manually in India and e-rickshaws would reduce the burden.

New Delhi:  The Centre has directed states to immediately address issues pertaining to registration of e- rickshaws, saying that such vehicles provide last-mile connectivity and are also pollution-free.

The Centre last year had removed legal hurdles in the way of running of electric rickshaws as last-mile connectivity by exempting such vehicles from requiring permits for plying on roads.

In India, a large number of rickshaws are being pulled manually, and move towards e-rickshaws would mitigate their physical burden. It would also help the rickshaw pullers increase their productivity and to go up the value chain. Moreover, these e-rickshaws are pollution-free.

The centre has requested the states to do away with issues pertaining to registration  and is suggesting that it could be run in non-metropolises and smaller towns in the country.

While large number of states have not seen the registration of even one e-rickshaw, one finds that a large number of e-rickshaws are plying illegally across the country.




Obtaining permits for operating in states were proving to be the biggest obstacle for e-carts and e-rickshaws.


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